Marni for H&M directed by Sofia Copolla

Ever since the collaboration between Marni and H&M has been announced back in November, fans have been waiting desperately to see the first hints.And finally the time came!
Under the guidelines of famous director and fashion lover Sofia Copolla, Imogen Poots introduces us to the casual “escaping” atmosphere of Copolla. Shooted in Marrakesh, the short film reveals the atmospheric and sophisticated attitude of Marni and makes the anticpated collection even more promising.

Coppola, as a director, may have never “really done anything around fashion,” but she is, of course, a fashion fixture, style icon to many, and one of Marc Jacobs’ besties. But it turns out she’s a Marni girl, too. “I always thought [Marni] made interesting fashion and that the prints were always unusual and they really have their own look–it doesn’t look like anything else.”

The commercial is a quintessential Coppola-party: beautiful rich-looking kids (Annabelle Dexter Jones), models (Liu Wen) and assorted hot boys (actors and models Sam Hayes, Antonine Peduzzi, Nicolas Peduzzi, Charlie Klarsfeld, and Jonatan Frenck) swan about looking effortlessly cool at a party that goes from day to night. And as always with Coppola, the music choice is spot on. Bryan Ferry’s “Avalon” provides the soundtrack, cementing the sort of hazy, effortless, cool-girl vibe of this collection.


Surreal Jewelry!

If experimenting with your clothing is not your thing, there are many other good ways to make a look interesting! Deisngners like Maison Martin Margiela, Aurelie Bidermann, Pamela Love and lots of others put unlimited imagination when they design jewelry and really make us enjoy fashion! A zippers as a bracelet, a watch bracelet as a ring, an oversize “engagement” type ring and so on, are beyong realism and super exciting and cool without being too loud… Surrealism and fashion always shared a symbiotic relationship in the past (Elsa Schiaparelli), but now it is more innovative and a lot more glamourous! We chose some of the best for you! Enjoy!

Here is where you can find them…!

1.Maison Martin Margiela watch bracelet, 2.Aurelie Bidermann knitted bracelet, 3.Aurelie Bidermann arrow bracelet, 4.Aurelie Bidermann helmet ring, 5.Aurelie Bidermann lace cuff, 6.Bottega Venetta knitted ring, 7. Bottega Venetta eye bracelet, 8. Chloe snake cuff , 9. Eddie Borgo trap bangle, 10. Maison Martin Margiela two finger ring, 11. Maison Martin Margiela watch band bracelet, 12. Maison Martin Margiela ring, 13. Maison Martin Margiela watch band bracelet, 14. Maison Martin Margiela four finger ring, 15. Pamela Love talon ring, 16. Jennifer Fischer zipper bracelet.

Va va voom…Prada!

After a series of hugely successful shows, Prada once again managed to surprise us! From last falls 60’s space age to clean and chic 50’s elegance, Miuccia Prada wanted to bring to the runway some “Sweetness”. But what was the core of the collection really? Well, Italian men have two meaningful relationships in their lives: women and cars. Miuccia put the two together—women in cars—and situated them in a moment in time (maybe the last such) when the world was awash with unambiguous hope for the future, and by that we mean the 50’s.

There were many ways for Miuccia to make her point. The celluloid iconography was irresistible: B-movie roadhouse gals in bandeau tops and leather pencil skirts that had been customized by their spray-painting mechanic boyfriends; David Lynch heroines in varsity jackets and sunray pleats; rhinestone cowgirls in studded Baracutas. If the sweetness in such tough cookies was a little elusive, Miuccia also offered coats in lace or crochet in palest pink and blue and bathing suits that begged for pinup poses round the pool at the Beverly Hills Hotel. The fire graphics and the 50’s cars along with the pastel colours and the feminine silhouette really gave us a smile! Oh and, of course, don’t forget the shoes! The absolutely Whaaam shoes with literally fire on their heels symbolizing the speed of cars!

Amber Gray photography

Amber Gray’s colorful, dramatic and mystical work is just stunning.  Amber Gray is a genius California born  living in Manhattan photographer that graduated from Harvard at age 12! Amber’s portfolio is pretty impressive. She’s not a big fan of ” dead-eyed mannequins doing robot-posses or oily bimbos pushing their boobs together or biting their pinkies”. Music and natures are her ultimate inspirations. The way she communicates concepts, stories or feelings through her photography is so inspirational.

Here in Candy Mansion, we really love her style, set, lighting and choice of models, so we decided to share them all with you! Click through our gallery for a taste of her work and visit her website to get to know her world!

Fleur of England, Love Collection

Just in time for Valentine’s Day, the new Fleur of England collection is proudly called Love and claims its shiny red!
Silk, chiffon, laces and satin ribbons to order quickly for a delivery before the 14th on Fleur of England.

If you need to find out more about luxury lingerie brands or how to buy lingerie for your other half click through!

Karlie Kloss for Vogue Australia

Wet-haired, red-lipped, and toe-to-top Prada, well that’s all it takes be sexy!