BMW i5 Electric for 2015?

BMW will launch a mid-range MPV aimed at families in 2015, to complete its ‘Project i’ series of upcoming electric vehicles.

Although the first ‘i’ model — the i3 — hasn’t even hit the roads yet, BMW executives are already planning to augment the range.Its second model, the i8, is a high-performance sportscar slated for release in 2014

Essentially, the proposed i5 is designed to compete with models such as the recently launched Toyota Prius V, an enlarged version of the hybrid bestseller which can seat up to seven passengers and offers plenty of cabin space.

It could be built on the platform of the i3, an all-electric hatchback concept due in 2013 which features a 125kW motor, a top speed of 150 km/h and an optional range extender which uses gas to ensure the it doesn’t run out of juice.

The model will be priced above €50,000, giving it a considerable premium compared to the Prius V, which starts at €23,000.


BMW i8 Concept. The most progressive sportscar

The 2014 BMW i8 Plug-In Hybrid Sports Coupe is combining three cylinder of 1.5 liter engine with electrical motor system that will deliver strong performance and sporty look at the same time.

The company equips the car with high tech features, starting from the internal engine for the combustion and high efficient system to energy management planning and ActiveHybrid system energy storage. The car will also use lightweight design with intelligent features, along with the aerodynamics technology.

2014 BMW i8 Specs (Preliminary Specifications)

  • Wheelbase: 109.5 inches (CG estimate)
  • Length: 181.1 inches
  • Width: 74.8 inches
  • Height: 48.8 inches
  • Base curb weight: 3,100 pounds
  • Torque: 600 pound-feet (total maximum available)
  • Transmission: rear-mounted 6-speed dual-clutch automated manual, front-mounted single-speed reduction gearbox
  • Engine: 1.5-liter turbocharged 3-cylinder with two electric motors and plug-in lithium-polymer battery pack
  • Horsepower: 360

2014 BMW i8 Price (USD)

  • The 2014 BMW i8 may cost between $350,000 and $400,000


Porsche Panamera Tuning by Wald International

Known around the world for stunning body-kits designed for all sorts of supercars, Wald International proudly presents a new Porsche Panamera decked with the Wald International “Black Bison” edition of body kits.  They haven’t focused that much on the performance of the car, the looks of it being their main purpose.

The Japanese tuning brand’s package contains a complete carbon fiber kit that features new rocker panels, new front and rear bumpers, rear lid spoiler, rear wheel fender extensions and a collection of new air vents to make the car look more aggressive.

There also a new set of allow wheels on the menu, wider than the standard ones, each one of them painted black with a bronze lip. The exhaust pipes offered by Wald are truly amazing, looking as if they are ready to spit flames, not fumes. The interior also undergoes a few modifications, like sporty floor mats.

The final modification to the Porsche Panamera would be a performance package, but in this case a modest one, added more for the looks than improvement – a new suspension kit.

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Exciting news, autofans: Mercedes-Benz has announced the release of its newest open-top dreamcar, the 2012 SLS AMG Roadster.

The tech highlights of the SLS AMG Roadster read like a wishlist of modern sports car engineering: an aluminium spaceframe body; AMG 6.3-litre V8 front-mid engine with a peak output of 420 kW (571 hp) and 650 newton metres of torque; a seven-speed dual clutch transmission in a transaxle arrangement and a sports suspension with aluminium double wishbones – specs sure to make the hearts of sports car enthusiasts beat faster.

Another nifty trick: the Mercedes-Benz innovation AIRSCARF which keeps you warm or cool with the top down, depending on the season. With a push of a button, propellers in the back of the headrests suction out the surrounding air, which is then warmed and blown out through a nozzle in the front. The intensity of AIRSCARF can be individually adjusted to three different levels, depending on mood, climate or driving style.

Aesthetics-wise, the SLS AMG Roadster is one lean, mean machine, gorgeous to behold with the finest leather interior, matt-finished solid metal or optional carbon-fibre trim creating the feel of an aircraft cockpit. Precisely executed decorative and contrast stitching finish the Mercedes-Benz experience.

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Chevrolet Corvette ZR1 refined by the Germans from TIKT

Packing a very aggressive look, the TIKT Corvette ZR1is one hell of a car. TIKT is a German tuning brand known for its aftermarket experience. They are the creators of this truly original and rather amazing tuning package, bringing together drama and performance.

The car was named Tripple X, and got a reprogrammed ECU; its stock supercharger is modified, while the exhaust system is so special that it doesn’t need any comments. The car develops 910 Nm of torque and a whopping 758 HP, 120 HP and 91 Nm more than the standard.

All these needed new changes to the motor, like new cylinder heads and camshafts, larger throttle valve, better cooling system and strengthened valve springs. The TIKT Corvette ZR1 also boasts a 30 mm lowered suspension on the rear axle and 50 mm on the front. It was also added racing shock absorbers and gorgeous lightweight alloys.

The visual upgrades consist of a new body kit – a ferocious new front bumper with large air intakes, new fenders, front splitter, side skirts and an absolutely huge carbon-fiber spoiler. The stunning car was presented at the 2011 Essen Motor Show and opened a lot of eyes and mouths.

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New 2013 Porsche Boxster Officially Unveiled

Porsche has officially revealed the brand new 2013 Porsche Boxster a couple of days ago, a car that’s going to be premiered at the Geneva Motor Show in March. It’ll be available for purchase after the show, starting April 2012, in European dealers and features a 2-seat roadster body.

This new model is built on an aluminum body and renewed chassis, being longer but lighter than the previous one. It’ll be added a brand new 2.7-liter flat-six power plant developing 265 HP for the base model, or a 3.4-liter one producing 315 HP for the Boxster S.

The new car has some of its roots in the Porsche 918 Spyder Concept and features more interior space, a more formal design and an all-automatic cloth top that highlights the sense of speed and freedom this car shows. The prices for this model will be set at €48,291 or $61,500 in Germany and later will be available for purchase in the United States for $49,500 or €38,900.

There’s a total of 80 pictures plus one video for the public to get a glimpse of what’s to come, plus an interactive configurator on the brand’s main site.

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